Moment Watches Gifting Campaign

Finally, you have arrived the Moment Watches Gifting campaign landing page. To begin with, fill in the Registration form by clicking  on the link below and have a chance to receive your own Moment Watch. *

Important notes:

  • May/June 2018 campaign * The 1st, 2nd, 11th, 12th, 21st and 22nd successfully registered will be contacted and they will each receive the Free watch. Campaign ends on 30-6-2018.
  • The winner and the results will be posted on our Blog. Information collected will only be used by MW.

As shown above, the steps are easy. All the best with the registration!

Visit Moment Watches’s website to look for an inspirational gift.  Each Moment Watch has a different positive story. Use it as a gift to show sympathy and to encourage someone. Browse our Collections and read the stories. We understand that gifting is a way to connect with others and it is always special. Joyful shopping!

A time for gifting.

Moment Watches – Stories on Watches. A Gift to Encourage.

In 2012, MW launched our first collection at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, we started our journey of putting stories on watches. In 2013, we launched the Year of 52 Moments collection in Korea (one new watch with a different story each week for 52 weeks) and received enormous support by Korean celebrities and media.

Our Brand Mission

At Moment Watches, our goal is to bring together individual experiences to be meaningfully captured, retold and cherished by many others. Our diverse range of watch accessories is thoughtfully designed to resonate with personal life stories. Within one watch can be embodied one person’s experience that can inspired a wider audience. We seek to help personalize the gift giving activity so that the giver and receiver can both be blessed in an unique person-to-person encounter. We are a timeless brand accompanying you on your journey of self-discovery.

Our Brand Vision

MW recognizes the social problem we all experience when living in our “virtually” connected world, the problem of not having face to face conversations with one another. We seems to be rushing to one place to another, from one task to another. This problem is getting more and more serious. We forgot that body languages during a conversation conveys much more information than text messages. We forgot that catching up over coffee with a friend brings more laughter compared to scrolling down the FB feeds. MW’s Campaign ideas are based on building up person-to-person encounter.

 One Step at a Time

MW is making our Vision come true by our commitment to the ONE WATCH ONE HOUR campaign. Each watch purchased with us, we will spend one hour with the poor and needy in our local communities.
MW places strong emphasis on building strong connections with our communities. Together we build on the idea of “Helping is an Attitude”, developing a natural lifestyle of helping anyone around us. Through these strong connections, new relationships and stories are being developed.