Choo Ja Hyun Supports Moment Watches – April 2016

Choo Ja Hyun Supports Moment Watches - April 2016

Choo Ja-hyun is a South Korean actress. Best known in Korea for the films Bloody Tie (2006) and Portrait of a Beauty (2008), Choo has mostly worked in China since 2007, notably in television drama The Temptation to Go Home (2011).  She is a supporter of Moment Watches and our Donation projects. She has worn our Rose Garden White to support our Habitat Young Build Campaign.

Rose Garden White

Product Story:

Back to Nature, Rose Garden

Unfolding Beauty… Celebrate your Femininity

You’re feminine, complex, delicate, fair
Mysterious, strong, wrought with care
What is happiness to you?
Chasing the dream of what you once knew?

When dreams were eclipsed by the dawning of new lights
Rose petals fade, curl, and fall from great heights.

Time is not your enemy, but an old friend
Hindsight makes the past easier to mend
Embrace the moment to unfold the miracle floral-land
And watch the ticking of the minute hand.

Moment Watches has launched our brand in Korea in 2013. True to what we stand for, we continue to reach out to community around the world to give our financial support. The most important is that we spend time volunteering ourselves to reach out to show care and love. Read about our ONE WATCH ONE HOUR campaigns. We have always received positive support from Celebrities and the local communities.

Moment Watches

At Moment Watches, our goal is to bring together individual experiences to be meaningfully captured, retold and cherished by many others. Our diverse range of watch accessories is thoughtfully designed to resonate with personal life stories. Within one watch can be embodied one person’s experience that can inspired a wider audience. We seek to help personalize the gift giving activity so that the giver and receiver can both be blessed in an unique person-to-person encounter. We are a timeless brand accompanying you on your journey of self-discovery.

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