Shinee Minho Supports Moment Watches – June 2014

Shinee Minho - June 2014

Shinee is a South Korean boy group formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. Minho is one of the four members. The group’s popularity in their native country has earned them numerous accolades and the title “Princes of K-pop”. Minho wore our BE STRONG TIME TO PRESS ON during one of the most popular 2014 Brasil World Cup TV show. He also wore the watch live during the Korean team play off. Minho is a real supporter of Moment Watches!

Product Story:

Christian artist Lance Brown designed this watch to express his faith. In difficult times, such as when he got laid off while he and his wife were expecting a baby, he held on to the promise of God, knowing that Jesus suffered on the cross for him out of his great love for each one of us. Lance’s life verse has been from the bible: “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13. This hopeful note marks the end of MW’s Y52 collection. It has been an incredible journey for us, and we have relied on our faith in our mission to pull us through. The same message is inspiring for all of us — our lot in life will not be more than we can handle if we have strong faith. We hold on and press on to what we know is true because around the corner of every adversity is something beautiful.

Moment Watches has launched our brand in Korea in 2013. True to what we stand for, we continue to reach out to community around the world to give our financial support. The most important is that we spend time volunteering ourselves to reach out to show care and love. Read about our ONE WATCH ONE HOUR campaigns. We have always received positive support from Celebrities and the local communities.

Moment Watches

At Moment Watches, our goal is to bring together individual experiences to be meaningfully captured, retold and cherished by many others. Our diverse range of watch accessories is thoughtfully designed to resonate with personal life stories. Within one watch can be embodied one person’s experience that can inspired a wider audience. We seek to help personalize the gift giving activity so that the giver and receiver can both be blessed in an unique person-to-person encounter. We are a timeless brand accompanying you on your journey of self-discovery.

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