Busy Mum – Work Life Balance

Busy Mum - Work Life Balance

I am a busy mum, work life balance is very important for me. As the CFO of Moment Watches, my part time job is also to look after my beautiful 6 years old daughter and my 2 years old son. Either I am working, driving my kids here and there, pulling out hair in the kitchen to figure what dinner I can put on the table with what I have on hands because I thought I bought a chicken the other day or planning for the next day or the next next day or the next….

I loved the idea of inviting friends to come over on the weekends where the adults chitchat over dinner while the kids do whatever crazy stuff on their own and I will keep my cool about that in front of guests. This was my image of the type of family/home that I desire, I wanted to show my friends that I am capable of handling not only my kids but also keeping the house ‘presentable’, and my ‘restaurant’ level cooking skills. In order to achieve a night like this I will need tremendous time on cleaning, decorating and planning.

We used to have friends over every other week after we got married, now only every six months. I spend less time with friends, and for myself. Hair cutting is like going on an oversea holidays, I had to apply for leave at work, book the hair dresser at the exact time & date and made sure it didn’t clash with my kids’ holidays. I once was on my way to the hair dresser and I received a call from school, said my girl was sick and I had to pick her up from school. Appointment canceled, bird nest like hair style remains.

Every now and then in my mind I will put my kids on one side of the scale and myself on the other side. It has always obscure to the kids side. Their up bringing was so important to me then myself, mylife. Every night I would lay on my back and I can feel my sore muscle aching screaming for rest.  Just before my eye lid closes, baby crying noise bought me wide awake and I m on duty again. ‘Rest’ just keeps running away from me, it is something I can see but cannot have enough.

I do not complain about parenthood because I knew it was all part of the deal. When I go out with my family it feels like walking on the red carpet to the Oscars, the kids are my trophy for the hard work. I feel proud of myself and proud for my kids to have a mum like me, who will sacrifice for them unconditionally.  With hair like a bird nest, just a touch of make up, casual wear, flats, I still feel like the spot light is shining on me. Shining like a rose in a garden.

At Moment Watches, our goal is to bring together individual experiences to be meaningfully captured, retold and cherished by many others. Our diverse range of watch accessories is thoughtfully designed to resonate with personal life stories. Within one watch can be embodied one person’s experience that can inspired a wider audience. We seek to help personalize the gift giving activity so that the giver and receiver can both be blessed in an unique person-to-person encounter. We are a timeless brand accompanying you on your journey of self-discovery.

Rose Garden White (MW0121)

Unfolding Beauty… Celebrate your Femininity

You’re feminine, complex, delicate, fair
Mysterious, strong, wrought with care
What is happiness to you?
Chasing the dream of what you once knew?

When dreams were eclipsed by the dawning of new lights
Rose petals fade, curl, and fall from great heights.

Time is not your enemy, but an old friend
Hindsight makes the past easier to mend
Embrace the moment to unfold the miracle floral-land
And watch the ticking of the minute hand.

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